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This part of the Lower Belvedere once housed the farrier’s forge and adjoins the former stables in the large adjacent courtyard. In Salomon Kleiner’s plans it is labelled “Forge, avec le Logement du Mareshal” and “Schmidten und Schmids-Wohnung” (farrier’s forge and lodgings). In 1752 Maria Theresa purchased the entire Belvedere complex from Prince Eugene’s niece, Princess Victoria. A number of years later, between 1761 and 1765, alterations were made to the Lower Belvedere and its ancillary wings and stables. The aim was to create apartments, which were to be used for various purposes by the Habsburgs in the palace itself and by the imperial guard Arcièren-Leibgarde (founded in 1763) in the ancillary buildings. According to the plans, the Spitzhof’s structure was not altered, its continued existence explained by the fact that the stables were still in use and so the facility to shoe horses on site was retained. Many years later, minor alterations were made and the Spitzhof was expanded to its current width. In addition, as with other parts of the Lower Belvedere that had not been adapted into apartments, the Spitzhof was used as a storage space.


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